At Winter Session, we are proud to offer consistency and quality, and we stand by the dependability in each and every piece that we create and make available to you.

    We delight in discovering the qualities inherent in unique hides when we receive them from the tannery (Chicago’s renowned Horween Leather Company). In transforming this beautiful material into our final products, we aim to use as much of the hide as possible. In an effort to maintain visual consistency on our website, the leather pieces we typically offer online are those with the most uniform surfaces and colors. The others, often with distinct character markings and color variations, are normally only available in person, to folks who stop by our workshop in Denver.

    We’re excited to finally be able to share these one-of-a-kind wallets and cases with a wider audience through a limited-time Spring Cleaning Sale. It is our hope that these pieces will find a home where their nuanced individuality is fully appreciated, and likewise, that you might discover a wallet with a personality perfectly suited to you.

    The story behind our wallets, and what you might find in our Spring Cleaning inventory:

    Unique Markings

    Although our leather goods are handled carefully in the process of making, they sometimes acquire superficial marks — each one a subtle memory of that process.  

    The colored hides we use are already dyed when we receive them, and occasionally this process leaves small amounts of extra pigment on the inside of the leather. The dye is permanently integrated into the leather, and will not rub off on clothing, skin or the wallet’s contents.

    Variations in Color, Texture and Shape

    We like to keep our colorways fresh and our collection thoughtfully edited, so what you see on our site represents only a portion of what we keep in our inventory. We’re fond of some of the shapes, styles, and colors we’ve offered in the past, and we’re glad to have the opportunity to share some of these pieces with you now.

    Although we see great beauty in the variations on some areas of our hides — scars and ranch brands, striations and wrinkles — these pieces are so visually unique that we cannot categorize them as a standard offering.

    Just like the leather handles on our bags, the leather used to make our wallets and accessory sleeves naturally darkens with exposure to sunlight. Even after spending a few sunny days on the shelves here at the Outpost, a wallet will begin to take on a richer, deeper hue, differentiating it from the selection shown on our site.

    For our wallets, we use hides in the 4-5oz range (the ‘ounce’ is the industry unit for measuring leather thickness). Occasionally we’ll stitch a piece that’s slightly thinner or thicker. Though these don’t make it onto our website, they’re still viable companions and will appeal to those who prefer more sturdy or minimal styles.